Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For Pets.

Pets Fashion and Necessities.

If your pets appreciate the quality and style you could certainly dress them up for occasion.

Eddie in Cob Web Shawl
100% Merino Wool          

"Adatto" (proper)
Eddie in Nuno Scarf,
very much appropriate for a young gentle dog
Chiffon Silk, Merino Wool
Lovely Blue wears Blue Nuno Scarf
Chiffon Silk, Merino Wool
She loves to dress up!..

"His Majesty Edmund I"
Cob web felt large scarf or wrap
100% Merino wool

  Cave for cat. Norwegian wool, Merino wool.
No longer available. Occupied.

Blue Cats cave. 100% Wool.
Warm and cozy, lots of privacy,
Unique design.
Available for Open House.

Cats cave detail (bottom)
Cats Cave. 100% Wool.
Occupied. (Sold)