Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gallery of Early Works

Accent Bags

"Africa" / Wool felted bag
Nice accent for evening outfit 
No longer available
Resides in Princeton, NJ.

Scarves and Scarflettes
"Violette" Hand made felt scarf. 
No longer available. NJ resident.

"Mini Victorian"/ Scarf/ Nuno felt
Chiffon Silk, Merino wool
Lovely for spring

No longer available. NYC resident.

Leaf Scarf Detail

"Foglia"/ Leaf/ Scarf
Nuno felt/
Chiffon Silk, Merino wool

No longer available. 

"Edwardian" Scarf/ Nuno Felt
Chiffon Silk, Merino Wool/ 

No longer available. NJ resident.
"Grigio"(Grey) Scarf/ Nuno Felt/
Chiffon Silk, Merino wool
No longer availableHappily lives in Florida.

"E Gialla" (Yellow)/ Nuno Felt Scarf Detail
Chiffon Silk, Merino Wool/ No longer available.
"E Gialla"/ Nuno Felt Scarf

"French Chic"/ Scarf, Nuno Felt
Chiffon Silk, Merino wool
No longer available.

Detail 1
Detail 2


"Confortevole"/ "Cozy"
Long scarf/ Nuno felt
Cotton Gauze, Merino wool
No longer availableProudly chasing Warsaw boulevards.


"Rosy Cheeks"scarf/ Nuno felt
Meriono wool, vintage chiffon silk
No longer available. (made fashion statement in Florida)

Another view

"Peone"/ Scarf/ Nuno Felt
Chiffon Silk, Merino wool/
No longer available.
Being seen in Montevideo.

"Cranberry Love"
Muffler and Mittens Set
100% Merino Wool. Settled in Belgium

"Holly" Muffler
100%Merino Wool Tussah Silk

No longer available
Home Decoration 

"Coral" Wall Hanging
Felt, 100% wool

Tuesday, October 9, 2012