Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Neckwears & Necklaces.

..refers to various styles of clothing worn around the (human) neck. They are worn for fashion, combat, or protection against the influences of weather. Common neck wear today include bow tiesneckties (cravat), scarvesfeather boas and shawls. Historically, ruffs and bands were worn.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neckwear)

Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection.

Cheerful Scarflette with 3D Strawberries and Flowers
Seamless. Wet felting technique. Merino wool, Viscose Fibers.
"Pea in a Pod" scarflette.
Merino wool, Viscose fibers.
3D details.

Hand made felt with hand dyed Silk Cocoons.
No longer available.
Pretty in Pink.                 
Hand made felt with hand dyed silk cocoons.
Hand made felt with Silk Cocoons.
Hand made felt with hand
dyed silk cocoons.

Scarflette with white flowers.
Hand made felt. Seamless. Merino wool, Silk fibers.

"Orlando". Neck wear/ scarf.
Hand made felt. Superfine Merino wool. Soft, elegant, cozy.

Unisex. Pets friendly. No longer available.


No longer available. PA resident.
Superfine Merino wool.

"Pretty in Pink"
Necklace/scarf. Superfine Merino wool.

No longer available. Princeton resident.

Collar. Hand made felt embellished with embroidery, stones, metal objects, Shibori. Silk lining.

No longer available. PA resident.

"Frosted Berries". Necklace.
Hand Made Felt. Superfine Merino Wool, Hand Painted Glass, Rose Quartz. Embroidery.
I found piece of glass on a beach. It was beautifully polished by the ocean, I kept it for some time.
One day I found it in my desk and liked it even more for being with me all these years, and I knew immediately what to do with it.
It was made of sand, served it's purpose as an object, had a long journey in the ocean, got new shape and look, got back to the land, was found it and got the second chance.

No longer available. PA resident.

Nuno felt with felted in stones found on a beach after storm.
Merino wool, Silk, Cotton.
Be different.

No longer available. NJ resident.

"Parisian Jazz" Cobweb felt. Merino wool.
Model is gorgeous also.
No longer available. World traveler.

"Once on Holidays". 
Nuno felt. Superfine Merino Wool, Lace, Silk, Vintage beads. 
No longer available. Russian resident.

"Tulips". Necklace, or belt.
Superfine Merino wool.

No longer available. NJ resident.

"Red Kala".Neck tie, or belt.
Superfine Merino wool, Tussah Silk.
No longer available

PA resident.

"Daffodils". Necklace - scarf.
Superfine merino wool.
No longer available. NC resident.

Hand made felt. Super fine Merino wool.
I thought it might be interesting to know
No longer available. Has been seen in Amsterdam.

The cravat is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bow tie, originating from 17th-century Croatia.[2]
From the end of the 16th century, the term band applied to any long-strip neckcloth that was not a ruff. The ruff, a starched, pleated white linen strip, originated earlier in the 16th century as a neckcloth (readily changeable, to minimize the soiling of a doublet), as a bib, or as a napkin. A band could be either a plain, attached shirt collar or a detachable "falling band" that draped over the doublet collar. It is possible that cravats were initially worn to hide shirts which were not immaculately clean.[3] Alternatively, it was thought to serve as psychological protection of the neck during battle from attack by a spear.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cravat)