Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nuno Felt & Shibori

Shibori (絞り染め Shiborizome?) is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye. (

I use Shibori technique to create unique surface on nuno felt garments. It takes a long time and patience to achieve beautiful and unforgettable effect.
"Primavera". Nuno felt & Shibori.
Neck wear/ scarf.
Silk Gauze, Merino wool. Shibori technique.
Sweet, gentle, delicate.

No longer available.

"Blue Lagoon".
Nuno felt  & Shibori dress.  Silk Gauze, Cotton, Viscose, Merino wool, Wool locks..
Light, airy, perfect on a boat.

"Mata Hari"/  Infinitiy scarf/ necklace.
Nuno felt & Shibori.
Superfine Merino Wool, Wool Challis.

No longer available.

This photo is published in the latest edition of "FELTMATTERS" magazine issued by 
International Association of Feltmakers (U.K.) December 2014.

Wear the way you like it,
like this

like this. 
No longer available. Lives in Manhattan.

"Green Meadow". Neck piece.
Nuno felt & Shibori.
Habotai Silk, Merino wool, 3 D elements.
Lovely around your neck or might like it on your head.
No longer available.

"Sugar Plum"/ Nuno Felt & Shibori.
Hand dyed Habotai Silk, Merino wool, Rose Quartz.
Necklace or Muffler.

No longer available. Paris resident.
Side view                                        Closure view

"Rivière Verte"
("Green River")
Necklace or Scarf/ Nuno Felt & Shibori
Merino Wool, Chiffon Silk, Ceramic beads
One of a kind.. Fresh look for spring and summer.

No longer available.

Side view

"De l'eau glacée"("Ice Water")
Neck piece. Nuno felt & Shibori. Hand dyed wool and Habotai Silk.Glass  beads, Pearl Chips, Silk thread.
Head turner.


"Touch of Frost" / Nuno Felt & Shibori/ Muffler
Chiffon Silk, Merino Wool

Walk in snowing Paris..

"Primavera"/ Nuno Felt & Shibori
Chiffon Silk, Merino Wool
 Gentle, soft, no more words..  Mittens to match?

No longer available. May be seen in NJ.


                                       "Breath of Spring" 
Nuno Felt & Shibori Muffler
Habotai Silk, Merino Wool
You will surprise friends..
"Orchid"/ Neck Warmer/ Muffler- Necklace or Wall Hanging
Nuno Felt & Shibori

Habotai Silk, Merino Wool/ Hand Dyed
Pearls are not needed..

"Endless Possibilities" Nuno Felt & Shibori
Habotai Silk, Merino Wool/ Muffler

No longer available.