Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wall Fiber Art

*Please note that all images are property of Nelly Kouzmina and cannot be used without written consent 
from the artist.

Wall Art, Installations, Rugs

"Winter Magic". 2017
Large wall hanging. Merino wool, Silk, Viscose fibers.
24" x 74"
Jury selected for The Trenton City Museum exhibit Ellaslie Open 34, May 6 - June 25th, 2017

"Happiness" (2017).
Hand made felt. 14" x 14"
Merino wool, Silk, Viscose Fibers.

"Connect. Contain." (2017).
14" x 14"
Merino wool, Silk, Viscose Fibers. Embroidery.
"Break". 2017.
Wall Art. 14" x 14"

Merino wool, Viscose Fibers. 3D details.

"Spring" (2017). Work progress.
12" x 14"
Merino wool, Silk, Viscose Fibers.

"Moment". (2016).
Wall Art. Merino wool, Silk fibers. 3 D elements.

Accepted for Trenton City Museum Exhibit Ellarslie XXIII

"Princeton Landing".
Wall Art. Merino wool fibers.
11" x 12"

No longer available. Private collection.

"Eddie and Blue". 
Hand made felt. Wet felting, needle felting.
12" x 12"

"YES". Wall Art.
Hand made felt. 3D details. Merino wool, silk.
14" x 11"

Accepted by Jury for Art Show at Artist of Yardley, PA
No longer available. Private collection.

"Metamorphoses". Wall art.
Felt, Embroidery, Metal objects.
15" x 11"

"Shadows".  Wall Art.
14" x 11.5"
Merino wool, Silk.

 Wall Art. Hand made felt.3D details. Merino wool, Silk, Sizoflor.

Wall Art. h\Hand made felt. Merino wool, Viscose.8"x 9"

Currently at Trenton City Museum Shop.

"The Beginning".
Wall piece. Hand made felt. Merino wool, Viscose. Wet felting/reverse technique.

7 " x 8 ". Unframed.
Currently at "28 East Gallery"

"Good morning!".
Small wall piece. Merino wool, Viscose fibers.

Wet felting/reverse technique.
7" x 10". Framed.

No longer available. Private collection.

Wall Art. hand made felt with 3 D details. Merino wool, Silk, glass.
11" x 17".

Zen Tangling Felt. Project. #1.
Small wall piece. Fine hand made felt. Merino wool, Viscose.
Wet felting technique.
Currently at West Windsor Arts Center/ accepted by Jury for exhibit "My Paradise"

"Sea. Sand. Soul."
Wall Art. Merino Wool, Cotton Canvas, Silk, Fish Skin, Glass, Beach findings.

30" x 27"
" awakens the soul to act". Dante

"Fire and Ashes".
Small Wall Piece. Norwegian wool, Merino wool. 3D details.

Wall Art. Fragment. Merino wool, Silk, Glass. 3 D details.

No longer available NYC private collection.

"The Dream". Wall Fiber art.
Merino wool, Cotton Canvas, Silk. Embroidery.

25" x 30"
Private collection. U.S.

"Rain". Wall Fiber Art.
Merino wool, Cotton, Silk, Glass.
Inspired by a dream.

Private collection. U.S.

"Bravo". Wall Art. Wool, Cotton Canvas.
Private collection. U.S.

"Sea of Sylvia" 
Wall Art. Nuno felt. Merino wool, Silk, Cotton, mixed technique.
Dedicated to a wonderful artist and teacher Sylvia Watt

Award winner - Best in Fiber Art, Trenton City Museum, Ellaslie XXXI, 2014
Private collection. U.S.

"Duo". Rug or wall hanging.
Merino wool, cotton.

Private collection. U.S. 

"Vigorous Earth". Wall Hanging. Jute fibers, Merino Wool, Habotai Silk, Silk Fibers.
Has unique texture, earthy, muted color palette.

"Forêt des Rêves"/ "Forest of Dreams". Wall Hanging or Rug. Merino wool, Cotton. 
Available at 28 East Gallery, NJ

"Water Creature" ("Libellula")/ Wall Hanging or Rug
Merino Wool, Cotton, Tussah Silk. 

Meaning: prosperity, peace, purity, good luck, strength, harmony.
Dragonfly appears when we observe it's way of transportation as it skitters across the top of water surfaces. As our deeper thoughts are surfacing and we must be mindful of the outcome we wish to have. 
Our thoughts are responsible to what we see in our lives.
Private collection. U.S.